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Charity Focuses On Power Of Friendship To Change The World

Deborah Loercher
July 6, 2010        
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How did a 1940′s movie and the power of friendships inspire the formation of a global non-profit?

“As a child, I watched It’s a Wonderful Life more than a dozen times. The line, ‘Remember, no man is a failure who has friends’ really resonated with me,” said Murali Bashyam, President, Friends Unite. Back then Bashyam may not have realized a simple Christmas movie would be the impetus that would connect him and others around the globe.

For years the core message of It’s A Wonderful Life stuck with him. He’d reflect on those who helped him throughout his life and find himself assessing his place in the world, wondering:  is it possible to build an organization that can change the outcome for people around the world through the simple power of friendship? “I always believed that real success comes from our journey and the lives we touch along the way. The contribution of human capital is just as valuable as, if not more so, than monetary capital,” said Bashyam. “I knew that if the right people got together to share resources and ideas that real differences could be made, problems could be solved, lives could be made better.”

Bashyam’s idea recently turned solid with the creation of Friends Unite a global non-profit that works to provide the support necessary for people and communities to help themselves. Friends Unite’s Web site ( launched earlier this month. Friends Unite works to bring people, their ideas, and their spirit together to help solve some of the most pervasive problems faced by individuals and communities worldwide. The organization is currently focusing on partnerships in the areas of global education, development, and health.

“I believe we can help people and communities gain access to basic necessities such as food, water, healthcare and education. We hope to accomplish this goal by partnering with organizations, individuals and communities who can change people’s lives through innovation, technology, and education,” said Bashyam.  Recent projects include: purchasing text books for children at the Anjana Vidya Kendra school in India; partnering with World Solutions Against Infectious Diseases (WSAID) to fight Visceral Leishmaniasis disease; assisting Southern Sudan Fellowship in their efforts to relieve poverty, suffering and educational disparities among the people of Southern Sudan; helping Brahmi to build schools in impoverished areas of India where there are no educational opportunities; and helping Africa Economic Foundation, Inc. (AEF) in their efforts to assist African countries in their quest for Sustainable Economic Development.

“We can help people help themselves, by simply giving them a chance. By uniting to create mutually beneficial relationships and harnessing the collective brain power of an expanding network, together we can make a positive difference in a community or a person’s life,” said Bashyam.

So maybe it was great script writing, or the way Jimmy read the inscription, or maybe just the power of old Hollywood. But in the end maybe it won’t be just Clarence who gets wings; maybe one small organization made up of true friends will find the power to fly high and far enough to change the world.

ABOUT FRIENDS UNITE: Friends Unite is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The charitable mission of Friends Unite is to provide the support necessary for people and communities to help themselves. Friends Unite provides support for the advancement of education, health services and other basic necessities, such as food, water and shelter. To learn more about Friends Unite, their mission, goals, project & partners and how to help visit:

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