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Friends Unite Taps Anoroc to Develop Global Brand

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Friends Unite, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization,  hired Anoroc Agency, a Raleigh based digital media and marketing agency, to develop brand positioning strategies and brand touch points including the Friends Unite logo, identity, Web site, and collateral.

AnoLogix, the agency’s digital marketing division will develop Friends Unite Web strategy including SEO, CRM strategy and functionality. The Anoroc team will also be creating the non-profit’s social media strategy including a privately branded Friends Unite social networking site, Facebook platform and custom blog site.

“There are many challenges that face people around the world – poverty, health, education, disease, and hunger being among them. Friends Unite believes that people have the strength, knowledge, and desire to help themselves if given a chance. The organization’s mission is to not only provide monetary capital to help people, but to focus on human and intellectual capital as well developing networks small and large to unite for common charitable goals. We’re very excited to partner with them in accomplishing their mission,” said Deborah Loercher, president, Anoroc Agency.

About Friends Unite: The charitable mission of Friends Unite is to provide the support necessary for people to help themselves, and to partner with companies, individuals and communities who can change people’s lives through innovation, technology, social progress, and expansion of knowledge. Friends Unite will provide funding and support for the advancement of education, health services, and other basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter that are often compromised by poverty.

About Anoroc Agency: Anoroc helps companies re-invent, re-emerge and re-position by creating branding strategies that speak to their consumers uniquely and directly. Anoroc builds brands through strategic marketing, advertising, brand development / positioning, graphic design, integrated public relations, digital media, Web development, social media, experimental marketing, film/video.   Visit Anoroc at