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Friends Unite to Use Solar Energy to Help Advance Education in Rural India

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Raleigh, NC – Friends Unite, a Raleigh based non-profit focused on providing the support necessary for people and communities to help themselves, has partnered with Brahmi, an humanitarian organization, to install solar panels at the Anjana Vidyakendra School in Guttahali Village, India.

The solar panels will provide a more reliable source of electricity to the school. Currently, Anjana Vidyakendra suffers from severe electricity shortages, often on the power grid for only three to four hours each day.  Even when electricity exists it is very unreliable. The solar panels will also enhance educational opportunities by allowing the creation of a planned computer lab.  Solar energy is an effective method to bring the benefits of modern technology to the school and community.

Brahmi, under the direction of Dr. Channa Raju, founded the Anjana Vidyakendra School in 2001. The school provides education to rural children who would otherwise lack access to educational opportunities. Brahmi is dedicated to primary education and the spread of literacy in rural India. With such inconsistent access to power, students at Anjana Vidyakendra did not have the light required to study properly, and the school’s goal of creating a computer lab was not feasible.

“My parents came to the United States originally from India and have helped many relatives also emigrate over the years.  While I thought I understood what it meant to be under-resourced, I only truly obtained a perspective when I actually traveled to India over the years.  Despite the rural nature of this school, they have leadership with a vision to enable these children to far exceed expectations with some assistance from others.   I see this not only as an opportunity to raise these children a step or two, but also to become a model for other organizations to follow in educating their own children,” said Ketan Soni, Board Member, Friends Unite.

The solar project at Anjana Vidyakendra will provide a more consistent and effective educational environment. The solar panels provide a self-sustaining method of securing power versus being reliant upon an uncontrollable electrical grid.

“This project will give these children an opportunity to take the ideals of the environment in which they grew up and place them on an even playing field with those who have more advantages. The atmosphere of accountability and awareness of the impact on the environment will stay with these children and influence the attitudes they carry with them into adulthood. If access to modern technology is the key to advancing educational and economic opportunities, so is access to sustainable energy,” said Soni.